Slaveykov School

Built in 1863, it is situated as an important entrance to the ancient Varosha neighborhood. Concerned about the future of their children, in the desire to provide them with the best conditions for modern knowledge, tradeswishers proceed to the erection of a new A school with the name of the holy Sedmochislenitsi – the Bulgarian enlighters. The initiative is the local teachers Spyridon Gramadov and Yanko Devetakov. The noble work born of patriotic and progressive merchants, is also thanks to their generosity and generosity. Builders are the famous Tryavna masters Dimitar Sergyuv and Usta Gencho Kanev. The famous Renaissance enlightener Petko R. Slaveikov, who briefly taught in the city, takes part in the interior architectural design. This contribution received the recognition of merchants for whom the school became popular as the “Slaveikovoto”. On July 27, 1863, with great celebration, the building was consecrated on the day of the Holy Seventh-day Adventist. Personally, Slaveikov pronounces a fervent and enlightening speech, and in his newspaper “Gaida” (1863) emphasizes that such a “building as it is now in Bulgaria at the moment does not exist”. The completed school building is one of the most remarkable monuments of public construction since the Bulgarian Revival. According to the experts, this is the building, which is at the beginning of all the restoration of the school building. In old and new times, tradeswomen appreciate and agree with the “benefits and successes” of their well-ordered school. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the paths and hopes of teachers and parents crossed here, with the urge for knowledge and progress of countless generations of students. In 1963, the old school building underwent a new public mission. It has been turned into a museum. The graphic image of the Slaveykov School today is the emblem of the Regional History Museum in Targovishte. Since 1971 the building has been a national monument of culture. It is the center of a shaped museum complex at the beginning of the ancient Renaissance Varosha, an impressive reality and an introduction to the atmosphere of the fascinating and impressive historical fate of Targovishte.


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