Architecture and Museum Reserve Tsarevets

Architectural and Museum Reserve Tsarevets is located on Tsarevets Hill in the old part of the town of Veliko Tarnovo.
The hill was first settled as early as the 3rd millennium BC. In the 5th and 6th centuries it housed the largest city of the Bysantine Empire in the province of Moesia Inferior – Zikideva
In the 9th century a Bulgar settlement was founded there, which grew rapidly. The construction of the defensive wall, which still stands today, started in the 12th century. The wall was 1,100 meters long, up to 3.40 meters thick at certain places and over 10 meters high.
The fortress had three entrances, the outlines of which can be traced today. The main entrance, which was defended by fortress towers, is located to the west. The second entrance, the so-called Little Gate (Asenova Gate), is situated in the northwest part of the fortifications. The third entrance, Frenkhisarska Gate, in the southeast end of the stronghold, was guarded by a defensive tower known as Baldwin’s Tower. It named after the Latin emperor Balwin of Flanders.
The central part o the fortress houses the Royal Palace Complex – several buildings surrounded by an internal stone wall, two battle towers and two entrances. It includes the Throne Room, the Palace Church and the Royal Chambers. The Sound and Light audiovisual show is a unique attraction that uses hundreds of coloured lights, music and church bells to depict key moments of Bulgarian history. The site is open to tourist year-round. Information materials and souvenirs are available in the Patriarchal Church on top of the hill.

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