Village of Momchilovtsi

The village of Momchilovtsi is situated in South Bulgaria, in the heart of the Central Rhodope Mountain. It is situated high in the mountain, on 1,070-1,280 meters altitude. Momchilovtsi is a popular destination for rural tourism. The historical museum in the village is an interesting site. It stores exponents from sections Archaeology, Revival and Ethnography, which are related to the village history. Momchilovtsi offers a lot of entertainment and sport events. There is a sports center in close proximity to the village. It is suitable for practicing of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and walking passages through the forests. Sports such as rock climbing, mountain cycling, tracking, paintball, etc. can be practiced during the summer season. The center offers a lot of utilities, such as ski equipment renting and ski training. The Momchilova fortress is situated in close proximity to the village of Momchilovtsi. It is believed that it was possessed by the legendary hero Momchil Yunak. One of the five largest complexes for observation of the sky items in Bulgaria is also situated near the village of Momchilovtsi.. This is the National Observatory of Rozhen.

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