Bezisten Yambol with interactive museum

The interactive museum “Bezisten” is a leading tourist attraction in Yambol. Under the number of 99A it is one of the 100 national tourist sites since 2017. Bezisten Yambol (covered marker) is the only building of this type which is preserved since the Ottoman domination. In the period of XV-XVII century it is considered as one of the most beautiful covered markets on the Balkans and also it is a benchmark of the public constructions for civilian needs in the Ottoman Empire. In the early 1940s it was declared as “people’s old age” and it is a cultural monument of national importance since 1972. It has existed through the centuries as a covered bazaar and since 2015, the Bezisten opens its doors as a modern cultural and information center which in an attractive way presents the rich cultural and historical heritage of Yambol and the region. It has separate exhibition halls which are located on three levels and the past, present and future meet in an unique way. Level “Past” offers a virtual journey through various historical eras. The multimedia system contains 86 audio and video information in 5 languages – Bulgarian, Russian, French, German and English. The innovative presentation method engages visitors in the atmosphere of past historical events and makes the trip unforgettable experience. “Interactive Land” with measurements 2.40m – 2.40m – it is the only one of its kind in the country. There is a map of Yambol which is projected on it, and when a visitor enters the screen, the map disappears and it appears an interactive menu. The visitor can activate the projection of interesting audio-video information by making a series of steps and commands. 24 audio-video films are divided into 5 themes – Museums and Fortresses, Spiritual Culture, Religion, Public Buildings and Natural Landmarks. “The tunnel time” – this attraction gives the visitor an opportunity to travel in the time. There are a various historical characters that have played a significant role in the history of that region during a particular era which are presented chronologically. It is used LCD touch screen (40 inches). Another 8 touch-screens (32 inches) reproduce the history of Yambol and the region over the centuries. Each video information contains a text, picture or clip that lasts 5 minutes. “Well of time” – Interactively presents interesting routes of Yambol and the surrounding area which are presented on a visual circular model stand. The main purpose of this attraction is to inform visitors about the sites of the cultural and historical heritage of Yambol that they can visit. A short video material was created for each route. There are rare icons and works of applied art from the fund of Yambol Art Gallery “George Papazov” which are placed in the halls of the Bezisten. Also there are valuable archeological exhibits provided by the Regional Museum of History – Yambol. The beautiful acoustics of the building makes it a favorite place for concerts, chamber theatrical performances, presentations of books, seminars and other cultural and social events.

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