Monument of Hristo Botev and his detachment at Kozloduy

Monument of Hristo Botev and his detachment at Kozloduy now has over 130-year history. The first Cross volunteer from acacia tree 3.5-4 m high was laid on 30.5.1878 more years of Mladen Pavlov – a Kozloduy teacher and local population. Again in 1882 at the initiative of the local inhabitants preserved votive stone cross. It is located at Kozloduy beach adjacent to the large monument, which will be discussed later on. It still read the words of thanksgiving Kozloduytsi. After the first decaying wood Cross volunteer placed a new one. In order to build a dignified memorial and fundraising for him based company Chr. Botev – Kozloduy Beach. It organizes a noisy campaign in 1905 and lays first stone for the construction of the monument – the goal is to be carried away in the sacred action and state factors. The state does not grant money. Kozloduytsi with donations of money, building materials and labor to raise cultural club house in 1934. In 1932 at the initiative of kulturtregera of Kozloduy – Nikola Palashev and decisive intervention, a prominent local politician of Stan Angelov Krushovo Bair / locality situated in close proximity to the port built on the site of disembarkation of Botev / living monument was created – the initials of Hristo Botev outlined with acacia trees.
In 1939 the monument was opened in the shape of an obelisk. It is the work of sculptor Stephen Peichev Sliven and Vratsa stone revetment is a work of Assen Iliev. His dedication has been fixed for September 1, 1939 – the day that Nazi Germany invaded Poland and thus it goes without celebrations. In 1947, a bust of Hr. Botev, given in 1936 by the cadets of the royal military school, was laid on piedistal the center of Kozloduy. Every year on June 2 in centre the city many people are flocking to give homage to one of the most prominent figures in our history.

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