Chudomir Museum of Literature and Art

The Museum was open in 1979. It includes:The modest Chudomir home with its unique atmosphere; The additionally built structure where are displayed: Documentary – art exhibition situated in three rooms {all area combined are about 300 square meters} with original manuscripts, photos, audiotapes, documents, belongings and objects, with leading texts and appraisals from Bulgarian writers, artists and experts; A small conference hall, well appointed with multimedia equipment. Here is given opportunity for visiting exhibitions, literary meetings, recitals, movie projections, devoted to eminent Bulgarian experts in art, speech and fine arts; The Museum is a municipal cultural institute, responsible for preservation, research and popularization of the exceptionally valuable Chudomir s art heritage. Under the Museum s collection are more than 15000 of his original manuscripts, paintings, sketches, letters, books and personal belongings; Here are shown also paintings of his wife – Mara Chorbadjiyska, a talented artist, charming person, a good teacher and good companion to the enchanter of the pen and the brush. This is the only Literature and Art Museum in Bulgaria. It is enlisted in the movement – “Hundred National beauty spots”.

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Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 17:30, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 17:30. / Only from June to September, the rest of the time with a preliminary request /
For adults – 2 leva
For students – 1 leva
Lecture in Bulgarian – 5 BGN