Museum of History Velingrad

There are three permanent exhibitions displayed at the museum: the Vela Peeva memorial exhibition, the Mountain – a Hospitable Home ethnographical exhibition, and the Painted Easter Eggs exhibition.
The Velingrad History Museum has the biggest collection of painted Easter Eggs in Bulgaria. It demonstrates the tradition to decorate Easter eggs by using pen and wax which is typical technique in the Chepino Region. In addition to eggs from the Velingrad Region the collection also includes painted eggs from other regions of Bulgaria, Central and Eastern Europe.
The Vela Peeva exhibition tells about the life of the Bulgarian partisan who died in 1944 as a member of the Resistance against the then ruling government and its pro-German policies during the Second World War.
The most recent exhibition of the museum is dedicated to opera singer Nikolay Gyaurov (1929 – 2004) who was born in Velingrad. After his death in 2004 his family donated personal belongings, photographs and documents of the world famous opera singer. The exhibits include original costumes from productions staged in La Scala Opera House in Milan, a coin die depicting Gyaurov minted in Austria, musical scores, gramophone records of his performances, etc.

Accommodation in Velingrad

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1 October – 31 March: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm; closed on Sundays
1 April – 30 September: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm; open every day
Admission: Adults – BGN 2; Students – BGN 1.
Free-admission day – Thursday
Lectures given in Bulgarian – BGN 4. Lectures given in a foreign
language – BGN 6. The prices for the lectures are per group, regardless
of the number of people it consists of.